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Coronavirus is spreading fast and quietly

If you find yourself in proximity with anyone who contracted the virus you can get it too, and consequently infect other people yourself.

The STOPcovid19 app allows to trace back to potential infected people in case you are positive to coronavirus, thus protecting people around yourself.

Download STOPcovid19 on you smartphone and stop the virus

Install the app and activate tracking to know whether you have been around people affected by the illness.

STOPcovid19 keeps track of your movements and contacts. Only competent authorities can access your data and only in case of actual need. All data will be automatically deleted after 30 days, and no data will be used for marketing purpose or any other purpose than those specified here.

Get notified in case of potential infection

Health authorities can get in touch with you directly and take the necessary safety measures.

Based on your movement history and contacts, the authority can learn whether you were exposed to the infection and promptly warn you if they need to.

Watch the video

and see how STOPcovid19 works


Webtek S.p.A., the company behind the idea and development of the app that aims to stop the coronavirus infection from spreading, makes all promotional and communication material about the STOPcovid19 project available to the media and press organizations.

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STOPcovid19 is an app for your smartphone, available for both iOS and Android and completely free, designed and developed by Webtek S.p.A. with the goal of giving institutions and citizens an advanced technological tool to try and contain the covid-19 virus (coronavirus) from spreading.

The application, with the user’s consent, uses GPS data to locate the device onto which it is running and memorize data about the user’s movements.

Only competent authorities have right to access the information collected by the STOPcovid19 app. Nobody else can access the data, not even the user themselves.

Data recorded by the app are stored and made accessible for the health authorities, which can use them to their discretion and only in case of need. Nobody else can access such data and no piece of data can be used for marketing purposes or any other purpose than those explicitly stated here. All data will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

Yes, at any moment in time you can request to delete your user profile and all data registered by the application, which will be permanently deleted.

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